Saturday, September 27, 2014

Barielle "Boho Chic"

Hi ladies!

I'm currently at an art show trying to sell my photography to make some moolah for some more crack nail polish!!!  I do have last polish to show you from the Barielle fall collection though, so here it is: Barielle "Boho Chic"!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Barielle "Berry Posh"

Hi beautiful girls!

How are you doing on this gorgeous Friday evening?
I didn't show up to my own happy hour yesterday...  so sorry about that!!  I had a pretty good mani prepared for it too =(  I finished my shift by taking care of half-dead patient and then I headed over to the memorial for my friend who passed this past weekend.  I got back home at 7:30pm and I was just beat, physically and mentally.  So I hope you all understand!! 

I have another fall-ready polish for you!  Here's Barielle "Berry Posh"!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Barielle "Soho at Night"

Hi girls!

Hump day!  Not so good, but better than Monday!
I got a flu shot today...  can I just say, I'm a biggest wimp when it comes to needles?  I stick people all day long and it doesn't bother me.  And why should it, it's not me who's hurting, right?  When the time comes for me to get stuck for a blood draw, a flu shot or a TB testing, I literally have to sit down because I would otherwise pass out.  I'm such a p*ssy haha =))  but you should really all get a flu shot!!  It literally saves lives!

In any case.  time for another polish from the newest fall collection: Barielle "Soho at Night"!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Who doesn't like a nice vintage gown?

Hi ladies!

So my hubby is finally back and I get to watch "Breaking Bad" all over again!  My hot Jesse Pinkman LOL =))  We spent all evening yesterday watching America's Got Talent.  This was another show we used to watch religiously and I didn't want to watch it by myself while my hubby was gone!  So I'm all catching up, and I'm oh-so-happy! =)  Only tomorrow Andy wants to watch the "Survivor"...  you ever watch that?  I'm sorry to say but I don't see anything resembling surviving in this show..  it's all about how bitchy and cunning the contestants are; it's got nothing to do with actual survival skills!!  ugh.  What do you think???

I'm continuing on with the Barielle Fall collection and I have another wonderful polish to show you: Barielle "Vintage Gown"!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Blues: Barielle "Moda Bleu"

Hi ladies!

How are you today?  I'm not officially participating in Monday Blues anymore but since I had a blue polish to show you, I might as well, right?
I actually have a reason to have Monday Blues...  when I came to work today I found out that a distant friend of mine got killed in a motorcycle accident over the weekend =(  He was always a careful rider, but a truck driver he was passing didn't see him...  Kent wasn't a friend per se, but we used to work together years ago, and later on I did anesthesia for his surgery.  We stayed in touch via Facebook.  It truly is horrible what happened to him =((  But he did die doing what he loved most: riding his Harley.  I was thinking all day about how precious our life is, and how easy it is to end it unexpectedly..  I've tried to live my life to the fullest, and I will definitely continue to do so...  Carpe Diem!!

On that sad note I've got a great polish to show you that made me feel a little better, and I hope you enjoy it too!  Barielle "Moda Bleu"

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I like everything in "Taupe Notch" condition, don't you?

Hi girlies!

How is your weekend going?  My hubby finally came home from being away for work for almost 2 weeks!  He's down in his man cave watching football..  ugh..  I personally can't stand it!  But kudos to all of you who like it =)  I'm enjoying my last hours of free Sunday because I will be working the next gazillion weekends.. ugh. 

On that note, I have a collection I will be reviewing this upcoming week from a brand I have never tried before: Barielle "Me Couture":

Today I will be showing you the first one of the six: Barielle "Taupe Notch".  Check out my thoughts below: