Sunday, July 27, 2014

Salon Perfect "Haute Pink"

Hello again!

No post yesterday so you get two posts today =)

I've got another, and final polish from this collection to show you.  Last one but it's so gorgeous!!  Check it out: Salon Perfect "Haute Pink"!

Yowza, this yellow is bright!

Hi loves!

How is your Sunday going?  Too bad that it's almost over.  Weekends never last long enough, do they?

So I decided to uninstall IntenseDebate per your comments.  Stupid thing deleted all your comments and my replies too!!  Gah!!  I will stick with Blogger commenting system from now on and quit trying to fix what's not broken.  Thank you all for commenting anyway, even though it was a pain in the ass for you!!

I've got another super bright polish to show you today.  Unfortunately, this is the only color from this collection that my camera freaked out on, even in natural lighting.  I hope you will check it out anyway though!: Salon Perfect "Yowza Yellow"

Friday, July 25, 2014

Salon Perfect "Tickled Pink"

Hi loves!!

TGIF!!!  oh my goodness, seriously, TGIF!

So you know I've installed the IntenseDebate commenting system, right?  I wanted CommentLuv actually but I'm not quite sure how to do install that?  Does Blogger even offer it?
In any case, I don't know how much I like IntenseDebate yet...  I certainly don't like the fact that I have to moderate the comments, I want them to appear right away.  Please let me know how YOU like it!  Should I go back to the good 'ol Blogger commenting system and just quit mocking around with it?  Or maybe install Disqus?  Tell me!! =)

And in the meanwhile check out another bright beauty:  Salon Perfect "Tickled Pink"!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thirsty Thursdays: Lychee Gelatin Parfait

Hi loves!

How is your Thursday going?  Did you know that Thursday is my least favorite day of the week?  It's because I'm already tired from working 3 days (usually 4 since I'm on call on Sundays), and I still have another day to work: Friday!  ugh... Today wasn't great either..  very sad surgeries.  I can't tell you exactly what kind of patients I had today because of their privacy, but let me just say that cancer does not discriminate in age.  Or unfortunate accidents at work.  Today sucked =(

Anyway, to cheer myself up, I made it to my weekly virtual happy hour!  I don't really have a drink for you today, it's more of a jell-o, but it still has an alcohol kick to it!  I'll take that! =))  Today's treat is the Lychee Gelatin Parfait and it is inspired by Salon Perfect "Loopy Lime"!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Salon Perfect "Plum Sorbet"

Hi ladies!

Second post today!  Making up from yesterday =)

I have another spectacular color to show you!!  Are you ready for another bright beauty?  Here it is: Salon Perfect "Plum Sorbet"!!

Salon Perfect "Traffic Cone"

Hi loves!

How is your Wednesday going?  Halfway through the week!

So I've talked to some bloggers and their opinions, and I made a resolution that I will do my very very best to respond to your comments on my blog.  No matter what it takes.  I appreciate every single one of you, and your comments truly make me happy!  Even if you don't go back and read what I said to them, just know that I will respond!  I also just installed CommentLuv system.  If you have a blog, you can type it in and I (and other visitors here) can go and check it out! 

In the meanwhile, let's take a look at another spectacular polish: Salon Perfect "Traffic Cone"!