Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Different Dimension "Pulsar'

Hi loves!!

Just a quick post today since I agreed to do another 12-hr shift today...  I'm pretty tired and I won't bother you with stupid details of my job... let's just say that I got home LATE last night and crashed after I had a big glass of wine to calm myself down, and of course after I painted my nails =0)  I got out on time tonight but still pretty late, so here it is: quick and easy Different Dimension "Pulsar" post!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

"You've Got to Be Squidding Me"... it's 100 degrees AGAIN!

Hi loves!!

Yes, it's 100 degrees outside yet again, with a heat index of 105!!  ugh!!!  I hate hate heat, I am absolutely heat intolerant.  I prefer bitter cold anyday.  You can always put more clothes on to stay warm, but there's only so much you can take off in the swampy weather!  And even if you take off everything, that may still not be enough to cool you down!!

Having said that, I'm starting to crave not only cooler weather, but also darker, fall colors.  All brands out there are coming out with fall collections and their new, dusty, dark, vampy colors, and it's freaking 100 degrees over here and begging for neons!  I feel like it would be 'inappropriate' to wear darker colors just quite yet... so snow and rain, where are you already???? I want me some greys and dark purples!!

In the meantime though... I will show you another sizzling bright color, perfect for the hotness that's going on outside!!  Here's Different Dimension "You've Gotta Be Squidding Me'!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Glam Polish "Hanauma Bay"

Hi dolls!

How is your Saturday??

I"m so SO glad the weekend is finally here!!  I slept in until 9am and then laid in bed and played on my iPad for another 2 hours...  my favorite thing to do on weekend mornings =))  I know it's such a waste of time, but it's so relaxing!!  and I'm off tomorrow too!!  wohoo!!

I've done a huge swatchathon today and I will show you the first mani I came up with.  I featured one of the newest additions to my collection:  Glam Polish "Hanauma Bay".  I've been obsessed with this indie brand lately!!  The innovative colors and perfect formula have not been too kind on my wallet haha =))  Check out one of these beauties below!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thirsty Thursdays: Perfect Storm cocktail

Hi loves!

Thank you for coming to my weekly happy hour!  I'm sitting and watching the results of the quarter finals of "America's Got Talent".  Ah, I love this show!!  There are so many awesome and talented people on this show!  Every Tuesday my hubby and I are glued to the TV and vote afterwards!  Do you guys ever watch it?  If yes (or not), what other shows do you watch?

Today's drink of the week is Perfect Storm cocktail (remember that movie???  how awesome was it?!!), inspired by Zoya "Storm"!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm on a "Sugar Rush" today!

Hi girlies!!

Hump daaaaay!!!  Two more days, two more days...  and I've got a whole weekend off!!!  it's like a little vacation =))  can't wait!

Today's mani is another one from the vault.  I've got a few in there, so I might as well do something with them, right?  This polish is not the newest release but it's beautiful nevertheless!!  Check out JulieG "Sugar Rush"!

Monday, August 18, 2014

From the vault: Colors by Llarowe "Gemini Rising"

Hi ladies!!

How are ya??  Monday funday??  hehe =))
I worked yesterday for 12 hours and will work for 12 hours again tomorrow..  and my hubby came home after a whole week of being away so no new mani for me today, but a new mani for you!

I kinda wish I had time to post this yesterday since it was the day to bring awareness to depression and suicide (via green mani).  I won't tag this one on Instagram for the depression awareness but please know the the subject is not new to me.. I work with a lot of severely depressed patients and I actually will start participating in research that will look at new treatment for depressed patients.  I can't say anything else and it wouldn't make much sense to you anyway (unless you're heavy into medicine), but I really hope that this treatment works!  It is geared towards those people who are resistant to conventional treatment, and we will also incorporate it in moderately depressed patients.  It is so noninvasive and with so few side effects that if it works, it could truly revolutionize treatment for depression!  And on a side note.. maybe I'll even get published too!! =0)

In any case, here is my green for the cause: Colors by Llarowe "Gemini Rising"!