Wednesday, November 26, 2014

China Glaze "Pine-ning For Glitter"

Hi girls!

Crazy week for me...  I'm sure you all know the situation with Ferguson..  all this craziness is happening about 20 miles from my house.  I won't express my opinion here because I don't want to start a war here on my blog.. everybody has their own opinion after all..  I'm just going to say that it makes me incredibly sad that our town is being so senselessly destroyed!

But for now I've got something beautiful to show you.. to contrast the ugliness that's going on in my city!  Here's China Glaze "Pine-ning for Glitter"!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

No peeking! I'm dancing and prancing =)

Hey loves!

Another post today so I can finally review everything I have to.

I just read that the Ferguson verdict will not come out tomorrow... I'm pretty glad!  Well, I wish this stupid thing would never happen..  I will not get into my personal opinion of the situation, but just know that the whole city is getting ready for some major rioting...  I know that the second the verdict comes out, we will get all kinds of gun shot wounds in the hospital.  Craziness =(  At times like these I really wish I lived in Alaska or Montana where something like this would never happen!!

Today I will show you two polishes: China Glaze "No Peeking!" and China Glaze "Dancing and Prancing"!

Barielle "Irish Eyes"

Hi lovely ladies!

How is your weekend going?  I did another craft fair today, it was so so busy!! it's really great since I really have to pay off that mountain of mine!

Two posts for you today since I'm really really behind...  First one:  Barielle "Irish Eyes"!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thirsty Thursdays: Orange Delight Cocktail

Hi loves!

How is your week going? 
Remember how I told you before about my lazy ass mail woman who wouldn't get out of the mail mobile to deliver my packages to my door?  I complained and things got better until today...
I picked up my mail yesterday but I didn't check it for some reason until today.  And guess what I found in the pile!  A slip from the post office that there is a package waiting for me to be picked up!  Only the date on the slip said Nov 17th, not Nov 19th (yesterday's date) and it said that it was the final notice!  gaaaahhh!!!  how can it be final notice if it's the first time the mailman tried to deliver it??  also, he probably held on to my package for 2 days!!!  I went to pick up my parcel (my highly anticipated Glam Polish collection) and bitched of course.  I've decided that I will let this one slide this time, but one more time shit like this happens, this biotch is going down!!!  How dare she keep my crack away from me?!!

I got so mad that I had a little chocolate martini.. yep, the mail biotch will make me an alcoholic! ;)  Maybe I should have had the cocktail of the day instead though... Since it's my weekly happy hour, today's drink of choice is Orange Delight cocktail, and it's inspired by China Glaze "De-Light"!  Check it out below:

Monday, November 17, 2014

Barielle "Kiss Me Kate"

Hi loves!

I've been slacking on my blog again!  Actually not really slacking, I'm just super busy again..  I think after reviewing all I have to review, I will take a little break from blogging until I get up to speed with my work!

Not much news here except for the fact that my dishwasher broke!  I find it very fascinating yet annoying.  Fascinating because nearly all my life I had washed dishes by hand and never even dreamed about having a dishwasher.  Annoying because I've gotten so used to it that I was cussing the whole time I was doing the dishes by hand today!  ah, the first world problems! ;)

I've got another fall polish to show you:  Barielle "Kiss Me Kate"!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'm a good girl... but define good.. =)

Hi ladies!

How is your Wednesday going? 
Nothing particular here, it's more of a same shit, different day kinda feeling...  so I'll just jump straight into the polish!  Today I'm featuring China Glaze "Define Good..."!