Panduan Merawat Bayi yang Baru Lahir

Saat bayi lahir, orang tua baik ibu ataupun ayah dituntut agar dapat merawat bayi anda dengan sebaik mungkin. Merawat bayi yang baru lahir tidak semudah yang anda bayangkan, bahkan beberapa ibu yang baru memiliki bayi membutuhkan bantuan orang tua untuk mengurusnya. Bagi ibu yang baru saja melahirkan, merawat bayi pastinya membutuhkan tenaga ekstra bahkan tak jarang hingga membuat dirinya lelah dalam mengurus bayi.

Selain mengurus perawatan bayi baru lahir, orang tua juga harus senantiasa menyiapkan segala perlengkapan penting untuk si buah hati. Adapun beberapa perlengkapan bayi yang harus anda siapkan sebelum bayi anda lahir. Diantaranya :

  • Popok
  • Kain bedong (gurita)
  • Pakaian, sarung tangan, kaos kaki, serta selimut
  • Gendongan bayi
  • Penutup kepala
  • Perlengkapan mandi bayi

Itulah beberapa perlengkapan yang harus anda siapkan untuk mengurus bayi sebelum bayi anda lahir. Semua perlengkapan diatas wajib anda beli terlebih dahulu sebelum bayi lahir, karena menyangkut perlengkapan penting bagi bayi. Disarankan untuk pemilihan pakaian bayi, pilihlah pakaian yang berbahan katun, ini dikarenakan agar pakaian mudah menyerap keringat bayi dengan sempurna. Anda juga harus terbiasa menyesuaikan pakaian yang akan dikenakan oleh si kecil. Jika cuaca panas usahakan bayi mengenakan pakaian yang berlengan pendek dan jika cuaca dingin usahakan bayi mengenakan pakaian yang berlengan panjang lengkap dengan sarung tangan dan kaos kaki.

Berdasarkan daftar perlengkapan yang telah disebutkan, untuk jumlah pembeliannya, anda dapat menyesuaikan sesuai kebutuhan anda dan yang terpenting utamakan terlebih dahulu membeli perlengkapan yang sifatnya penting seperti popok dan kain bedong (gurita). Karena, bayi yang baru lahir akan sering pipis dan membutuhkan banyak kain pengganti serta popok.

Sedangkan untuk perlengkapan mandi bayi, pilihlah peralatan bayi yang benar – benar cocok dengan kulit si kecil, karena kulit bayi sangat sensitif, jadi anda harus benar – benar memilih produk yang tepat untuk kesehatan si kecil. Yang harus diperhatikan saat merawat bayi yang baru lahir ialah kebersihan sekaligus keamanan harus senantiasa terjaga dengan baik. Usahakan bayi tetap mandi minimal satu kali dalam sehari. Jika tali pusar bayi masih menempal anda dapat menggunakan spons agar bayi tidak mudah terkena infeksi.

Mengganti popok bayi secara rutin juga sangat penting. Dalam sehari, mungkin bayi akan menghabiskan 10 popok untuk diganti. Bayi akan sering pipis terutama jika anda memberikan susu formula untuk bayi anda dibandingkan memberikan ASI. Selain popok, perhatikan pula kuku pada bayi. Ibu wajib mengetahui pertumbuhan kuku si kecil agar kuku yang panjang dapat segera dipotong dan tidak melukai dirinya sendiri.

Demi menjaga kehalusan kulit pada bayi, ibu juga dianjurkan untuk memberikan bedak atau baby oil pada kulit bayi selepas mandi, ini dilakukan demi menjaga kelembutan kulit agar bayi terhindar dari biang keringat. Tak lupa pula untuk senantiasa mengatur suhu udara pada ruangan bayi agar bayi mendapatkan kesejukan udara yang maksimal sehingga membuatnya nyaman.

Hal lain yang harus diperhatikan ialah kebersihan telinga pada bayi. Anda dapat menggunakan cotton buds untuk membersihkan telinga bayi dengan sedikit dibasahi air hangat. Saat akan menggendong bayi atau menyentuhnya, usahakan agar tangan kita tetap dalam keadaan steril, dikhawatirkan bayi mudah terkena kuman atau infeksi saat tangan kita tidak berada dalam keadaan steril. Demikianlah beberapa cara dalam merawat bayi yang baru lahir. Semoga bermanfaat.

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Amendment Korean Clothes Online Women’s Collection With The Latest Model ?!

Hi women, although because the terms of searching young people in google Korean clothes are declining but do not be sad, because we below consistently constantly participate in numerous style designs Oriental, although only in terms of a search on google but did not eliminate the opportunity that fashion korea so drop, Daily style korea constantly crowded. If talked about from the get go up until the end feels’ll never ever run out hehe. The women are constantly contending and efforts are constantly quickly ya that’s the fashion industry from Sabang to marauke always in mengincer hehe. Among them indeed Korean clothes on the internet ladies that previously not relented in our homeland. Why is it that the Korean movie sector moving on? Since thanks to the interest of youths that see the program.

Amendment Korean Clothes Online Women's Collection With The Latest Model

In addition to exactly what the enchanting drama film about which we might see from the Korean movie stars apart from the handsome-handsome and beautiful ones, yes obviously, in regards to style hehe. Attempt immediately composed you examine our store, was really the very same again truly rich just what you are searching for, what the hell are you looking for? Dress? T-shirt? Shirt? Or various other designs of trendy clothes? There is everything here individuals, do not trouble to go to Korea probably find Oriental clothing hehe.

However do you know exactly what the rate of the style clothes? What are you happy to invest in the fashion like just for a Korean woman in the Korean drama FLM? If you have excess and this may not be a trouble for you certainly, but if you do not have as well as this unwanted that will end up being a concern not for you? Due to what? Korean style because on a daily basis it’s always approximately date. think of if expect style updates maintain as well as how much must you invest for the sake of style korea. For that we offer why men make it very easy.

So immediately wrote yuk in order style korea updated in 2017 not up until you open up among the girls, or maybe miscast. Style korea additionally not the only model of Korean clothes with diversity of Oriental land yet numerous models are often truly trying to find the boy a lot of truly truly. With an extremely inexpensive price you could perform ala-ala Korean style with the Oriental drama starlet motion picture gamer that women hehe, if you do not believe you could directly inspect the official site online catalog of our store tablets. Various sort of clothes ala-ala korea there definitely might you got at economical prices as well as superior quality naturally. Do not miss the chance arrived at the Korean clothing shopping very easy, and also reputable in Indonesia. Pleased buying! so for you who are in search Baju Gym, Baju Olahraga, Baju Yoga of do not worry about shopping here is guaranteed love and falling in love

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Find Where The Selling Dress Shirt Long Sleeve Models Beautiful Woman

Actually the clothes not only as a cover our bodies, but the outfit is a type of design we reveal ourselves in daily life. Imagine if we need to reveal themselves with clothes stock. About yummy not you think in the saw. Visualize other people who like it. It appeared unwilling to truly yes we would certainly evaluate her style. And about which we typically run into day-to-day style that anything? Shirt? Blouse? Sports jacket? Cardigan? Yes undoubtedly tons, however the target is a shirt, evident from day to day online stores are constantly a great deal of models as well as patterns are cool as well as interesting. young people increasingly completing to give one of the most laid-back fashion in this year, as well as an on-line shop selling ladies dress shirt with a large range of models, patterns as well as materials are all developed just to please consumers.

Find Where The Selling Dress Shirt Long Sleeve Models Beautiful Woman

Now it has entered in the third month of 2017 it appeared just yesterday we felt the brand-new year eh currently got in the 3rd month created it. not far too late if you wish to attempt something that is 100% trustworthy. Do not say no to the fashion industry for women. Ever feel you have actually confused ya do not want to use anything, eh finishing your tee shirt, t shirt outfit is a design that was actually valuable, assisted when his hard-yourself choose a range of intriguing designs. if you are among those ladies that care about style therefore could not care, not far too late anyway if you want to begin now. So immediately created need not be talked about in detail. See on your own exactly how Our collection of the most total shirt anyway.

Chiffon material, flannel product, cotton moreover all comfy shirt material actually now back to on your own just how you wish to make use of the t shirt in circumstances like. If you may wish to wear a t shirt in the circumstance you have conferences outdoors should locate tee shirts that are amazing as well as the product is not so complicated for you possess life. Many ways why you clever origin analyzing the situation how. Do not tell me that online buying complicated yes, one truly if you’re the one that said online purchasing was complicated hehe. Depending online store online shop anyhow however always described from beginning to end anyhow just how purchasing well.

Find Where The Selling Dress Shirt Long Sleeve Models Beautiful Woman 2

Hurry yuk instantly wrote in order not to run the current design of the t-shirt, 2017. And also it’s time intriguing as well as unique collection of t-shirts in your storage room that may have already run out of stock ya. Beginning with a basic theme, laid-back, classy, all in our store, searching yuk do not miss your opportunity is taken with others. Satisfied shopping! very fitting when you are again looking Vysic (Baju Fitness, Baju Gym, Sport Bra, Legging Olahraga) and looking for him in the place we are guaranteed not to be regretted why shopping here, and it can be guaranteed you go shopping again

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Buy Cheap Online Women’s Dress Wide Variety Cheapest Model!

Hi, ladies! already entered in March 2017 which implies it has to alter once again yeah fashion version. Never ever run so each day of monthly there is constantly just an appealing young style-interest. tomorrow unexpectedly there is an occasion that needs your party dress dress code formula is as the program? And you are confused concerning how you can use a dress that’s since you do not have the dress. So get affordable ladies’s outfit online with the version nonetheless do not worry any longer, not need to ask yourself anymore an age that whatever is flexible in get. However do not just because every little thing is easy to obtain your own home-just pick the on the internet store yes. for you could be a female that initially understood on-line stores do not mess indeed, as well as do not simply haphazardly. Already a great deal of proof current a great deal currently touch with a sufferer of fraudulence online shops.

Buy Cheap Online Women's Dress Wide Variety Cheapest Model!

It appears crucial for the women truly creative in reading and also add intriguing details about the growth of the globe. The even more we look for advancement is bring in a lot more and we also could supply fascinating points that have a positive influence for many people. Needs certainly be a trendsetter on your university? and currently we are first apart talk about the dresscode celebration, currently relocating the bustle of children everyday, otherwise to the campus, get going, do not you? proceed what sist connect with our conversation concerning the dress? Yes certainly link separated due to the fact that the current era outfit formal need to not really. Gown laid-back with denim dressing, or blossom motif, simple? Indeed many kan you find your friend’s apartment or condo to university wearing a gown, some even put on an outfit, with a model however in a classy golf shirt into a gown.

There are still numerous various other fascinating things in fact if you know how to incorporate the gown online that commonly you find on social networks. Do not miss the chance until much better designs and amusing from our store so special to gown. Keep in mind yes ladies, look stylish and also cool it do not require an expensive price that is 100% real. Currently a number of which confirm that appeared fashionable was not to be given up to offer the house hahaha (redundant). We are saying you must be a female who has constantly valued the time indeed ladies, that value time is a wise man, as well as concerning the web content of your time by purchasing in stores that quality of course. So hunted in the whole stock assured to be 100% completely satisfied and you fall in love. Pleased purchasing!

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Shopping Online Just In Fashion Shop’s Certainly Not Cheap Quality, And Quality Is Guaranteed!

Hi women, for the very first time online buying know? previously may already commonly really see in social networks, but perplexed exactly how spending exactly what? yes it is advised for you women who are still initially be diligent as well as typically choose an on the internet shop where liver ya. Anyhow it’s a low-cost cost as well as in regards to its top quality lacking in believing ye may not up until one selected. Affordable price does not assure quality inexpensive, and also the other way around. Look stylish it is likewise not have to be expensive. while there are obtainable why do not we attempt. Ok currently begin our research style store’s on-line store and our trusted stores simply do not need to be in uncertainty.

Shopping Online Just In Fashion Shop's Certainly Not Cheap Quality, And Quality Is Guaranteed!

For some women that can take care of financial resources well definitely currently understand actually need a message online clothes shop where hehe. Really with the development of on the internet stores obtaining the wild women direct below is obtaining all the women competing to get the very best style. Additionally, it is still early in 2017, which suggests not far too late if you want to try to alter your appearance. an increasing number of on-line shops right here likewise were completing to supply the most effective innovations just for consumers. Ever felt that you elegant yet a little bit strange in view on your own as well as seen a lot of people? Ok it indicators did you require our store, numerous means really all women could provide appealing appearance, but of yourselves who have the will not to turn hehe.

Below we give some fashion designs that you can make use of in a variety of events, ranging from gowns, shirts, blazers, cardigans, skirts, blouses, overalls, of the weaved product, until all active ingredients are there individuals. has proven much delight in the fruits of our products anyhow. Anyway with the version up to date and not outdated surely going to make you dream of people that see fashion you, especially your partner are a lot more crazy on a daily basis to see the design you hahaha. Most importantly be an intelligent client ya individuals just do not wish to just waffle-cost ya, however suitable the goods up until the top quality is not confirmed hehe. And currently it is time purchasing in stores that shows not only the only way hehe. Google could instantly look at our shop of course. Satisfied purchasing ladies! very fitting when you are again looking Blazer Wanita and looking for him in the place we are guaranteed not to be regretted why are shopping here

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Find Fashion Not Need To Be Complicated If Possible Online Shopping In Contemporary Clothing Store At A Cheap Price .. Wow!

Most definitely for the girls if there is an on-line store asking price is insanely (aka cheap) accumulation from various other fashion stores direct seems like of course and go shopping therein, continue right. An age of increasingly innovative ya do not require anymore you feel if there is an occasion that needs tomorrow use a gown or a model matching garments, perhaps some individuals who just know the on the internet store assumed that made complex ought to find the store initially, choose the versions and so on. But you are wrong ya, and also currently fits really you get our on-line store, maybe our advice if you’ve ever before obtain on-line clothes store that was actually assured with the quality you fast needed to keep the store, in an age of increasingly sophisticated everybody can count on any type of modern technology, and do not be stunned a lot of crimes that either did unknown you may be targeting. However do not pertain to that.

Find Fashion Not Need To Be Complicated If Possible Online Shopping In Contemporary Clothing Store At A Cheap Price .. Wow!

If the search stated that was truly 100% can be thought difficult. As well as generally when a kid campus of mouth. And also now need not be bothered again you currently get one online shop that is typically spoken about a woman’s dress also with my friends you really. Wants equally belong to a fashion fad setter on university? Quickly created if so, check our site and also obtain you the best style throughout 2017. As well as if you’re still unsure, you can straight ask at google our stores, and our very first order in the google individuals. google it among the Net media that is 100% tried and tested beliefs. So most definitely younger children could already value just how much positive feedback from our consumers.

Roughly exactly what is currently the very successful young kids are most likely just what the hell? If the question is not to be never ending, because it is primarily clothing into something vital not just to cover the body, yet in this life we must still create the impression as well as design, to make our lives much more vivid. Individuals do not think it’s been confirmed that investing one stress and anxiety relief at a time when many of our busy, whether in the office, to mothers that look after their youngsters in the house and all the busyness. For that with expanding age of increasingly sophisticated, significantly advanced we have to also look for understanding as well as fascinating information regarding style.

And also we suggest you this particularly for females, ought to truly read papers on a daily basis minimum. Or read about the information that has gotten on the web, for example intend to go to university boarded the train, far too late actually since not train ya streets among them to review as well as read about the interesting details regarding style, certainly. Or could directly inspect our Web assured you develop a lot more trendy and also classy, remember to look classy so it not need to be costly yes. Currently the option is you, so happy purchasing! make sure to be an intelligent woman in choosing a store Kemeja Wanita are guaranteed for you increasingly look attractive

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The Ease Of Working Women Shopping For Clothes Online

You’re a career woman who is busy with your important career at the company where you work today? What do you intend to look fashionable and stylish on promotion you will receive in the future? But if a little time on the sidelines of your job it really is not enough just to go and buy fashion products in your favorite mall? Then when you have spare time, you took time to go to your favorite mall and upon his arrival there things you wish did not exist or even run out of stock. This might make some women upset because it took time to go shopping, but items sought can not be found.

The Ease Of Working Women Shopping For Clothes Online

Do you like-minded with us? Do you intend to shop online and ancient custom of leaving you shop at the mall, sometimes just wasting your time when you really need a break in between your work very much? Yes absolutely right you guys mean lucky if we stop at this online shop, you can shop online clothes women work very easily without fear of goods that will be purchased will be different from the stuff we sent your house. Testimonials from loyal customers who could also be a reference for you to be able to trust that the products we sell of course, with the intention of satisfying customers, not just for profit our party alone.

Anyway you do not need to go again wasting your time precious hehe, you simply go to our web shop online at your smartphone screen. And you can choose a wide range of fashion products that you want of course. You must be meticulously well yes in choosing sizes and colors suitable for your fashion style. So again you need not have to think about free time for shopping at the mall and bitterness when you’re already linger there even the things you find nothing, really wasting your time, right? Well if by shopping at our online shop, you can shop anywhere and anytime without fear of course you would waste valuable time. Yuk immediately ordered, and enjoy the convenience of online shopping in our shop !!

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Online Women’s Dress Shirt Fashionable And Up To Date

Tomorrow wear what ya shirt for college? Wear it-that keeps bored too great. Want to buy but do not have time to go to the mall, and if there is any definite model is only so-so wrote. Shirt dress women are much in demand by women, and certainly preferably stores frequently update and restock, why? Because so many women who love the models shirt has been exhausted and when they want to purchase, it did not restock so that they can not get the clothes they like. It is of course very disappointing, at first would have been very excited select models shirt, then when asked was already exhausted or events in real stores is when you want to buy, the shirt was no handicap and it turns stocks last. Besides the store that updates the latest models are also highly favored by the ladies, right?

Online Women's Dress Shirt Fashionable And Up To Date

This can be one of the drugs to treat the disappointment of the shirt is not restock, so they are definitely going back to the shop the woman’s dress shirt. Not only returned, if quality and style are good, surely they will promote it to his friends, since many know that the promotion of the most inexpensive but powerful is the word of mouth promotion. This is evident in stores that do not advertise but have buyers were very crowded. Where can I find a clothing store women’s shirts that updates and restock?

The answer of course wrote here guys, in our online shop you can dapetin shirt women’s shirts online is certainly fashionable, always up to date, and always endeavored available stock in every product we offer. So you no longer need to fear running out of stock for the product you buy items that will later in our online shop hehe. You do not need to fear being cheated or other negative elements if you shop online shopping of course. If you still do not believe you can check directly at our testimonials column yes, there our loyal customers express how they are feeling on the services we provide. And of course also top-quality fashion products they receive course hehe. So look beautiful do not have complicated anymore right guys? Hehe ..

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Selling Points Recent Female Model Hem

We sell a lot of the latest models of shirt woman who could you have to add your style to be more cross-eyed. Now that the name mode it should continue to follow guys. If we just silent in place, while the development of fashion trends become more advanced, we are apt to be most missed. Especially now that the trend of fashion in our country, much influenced by fashion trends from abroad. So like it or not, we must always update the information about the fashion trends. nah ya talking about the fashion trend, there is a model clothes again hits really. You know not the same shirt? For some people maybe this one type of clothes already not familiar. In fact there are render shirt as fashion required to accompany their daily activities. but, not least also who do not know what the shirt and the rich how to model?
In fact we’re not strangers anymore at the model’s shirt. even from the first also already much make-shirt. Perhaps you who do not know also already often really wear shirt. It’s just that you are not informed about his name.


Shirt this model is very similar at first glance at the shirt. Because of the similarity to the hell we can not distinguish which shirt and where shirts. Even a mention that the shirt was a shirt, and the shirt shirt. Both are the same. But it simply is the difference between shirt with a shirt that is, if the shirt is more synonymous with formal dress, while the shirt’s design is more relaxed. Rather than question the difference between them, either immediately wrote much let’s look at a collection of shirt that is sold in our online store.

Various models of the latest woman’s shirt with an attractive design you can get at our place. Not only wrote an interesting design, shirt we sell also has a quality that not going to disappoint. Although we sell latest models female shirt with a fairly cheap price, but we can guarantee that the lady shirt we sell is quality. There are various models of shirt that you can make for clothing that can complete your daily appearance. want to go to work, meet business associates, or simply roads to the mall, can really you wearing a woman’s shirt latest models that we sell. For the equivalent of style you can specify your liking. anyway you can perform cross-eyed whenever you want with this woman’s shirt. so you’re still waiting for what else ya guys ?? Yuk game check shirt collection newest women in our place, and spending as much here. Happy shopping guys !!! so hunted checked Baju Wanita Terbaru not to run the model so, click and buy now

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Shirts Model Women To Work

Discover the various models of the latest women’s shirt style that will make you always look up to date. Shown with contemporary fashion is in fact not be a difficult thing again, if you’re shopping for a variety of fashion items to style needs you here. Online shop we sell a complete range of types and models of women’s clothing. Model shirt women is one of the best-selling item in our store. Every day the demand for women’s shirts are always increasing. Model shirt women today increasingly oke- okay loh girls. Too bad if you’re to miss it.


Model shirt women increasingly diverse make you easier to be able to always look stylish. dress shirt dress normally be required to go to work. Well, you do not want it to go to work in the perfunctory style. Even if you go to the office for work, make cape- capean but the style you should always look okay dong. There are so many references to the fashion style for you when you go to work with people dressed female models shirt. For example, you can combine your shirt with a skirt. When most people wear long skirts or short skirts for equivalent work shirt, no harm if you select a midi skirt to pair your work shirt. You select models female shirt with bright colors and patterns in order to force you always look fresh throughout the day. Then mix with a midi skirt dark.

To produce a quirky style, and not too stiff. You can wear shoes made skiny buts. Choose shoes with dark colors like black or dark brown. You also do not need to hesitate to use accessories such as a necklace or bracelet. Choose accessories that are not teralalu great and many, but still looks beautiful complement your style. so that you do not monotonous style you can also use an extra long style vest for you. The style gives a modern touch but still does not eliminate the formal impression to your style. huh fitting for you who want to always look cross-eyed at work.

For you who prefer to wear a shirt lost size, you can also wear them while working. You can mix your shirt size lost with black slacks. Such a force would make you comfortable moving to and fro. Given the demands of a difficult job in the prediction. We will not always be in the room behind the desk, but sometimes we also have to go out of the room for other employment matters. with a performance like this, you will always feel comfortable. Therefore, immediately have the most recent models female shirt, so that the more your style up to date !! So for you who are in search Grosir Busana Muslim Murah of fits really click on the website and get the cool style and draw you in this year.

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