Thursday, March 22, 2012

OPI: Thanks a (Wind) Million for this beauty!!!

I think part of the reason why I love spring is because I get to wear all kinds of beautiful pastels.  Since I'm a new kid on the block, I haven't worn this type of color yet.  But I can say with confidence that light green will see a lot more days on my fingernails... Right up my alley!!

I had to cut my fingernails down to nubbins =(  My left hand (the "photogenic" one!!) index fingernail broke in half!!  Right smack horizontally in the middle =((  I tried to fix it with Orly Nail Rescue, and the glue/powder is holding, but my nail took on a frankenstein-y look...  I tried to file it down to normal shape but didn't want to cause even more damage to the break.  Oh well... I'll look like a retard for a week, it's ok.

Finally, I give up on perfection.  No matter how much I try to push back my cuticles and moisturize them, and this and that, I will never achieve nail perfection like Marta of ChitChat Nails, Stephanie of Imperfectly Painted, or I guess 99% of bloggers out there.  I gotta face the truth:  I work with my hands and I wash them A LOT.  And use alcohol (the rubbing kind, not the drinking one haha) A LOT.  And wear rubber gloves A LOT.  All of this not very cuticle friendly.  I must be rubbing Burt's Bees on my fingers at least 5 times a day and although my cuticles do look better, they will never be 100% free of dryness and hangnails.  So I say to hell with it!!  Camera close-ups make everything look a lot uglier anyway!  All those damn imperfections that one cannot see with their naked eye!
So I won't be stressing about it anymore.  I hope you guys understand and will try to look beyond it!!!  Because I have a TON of nail polish swatches still coming!!!  Please don't unfollow me!! =))

This is the end of my rant...  and on to actual polish =)

For tomorrow's color I chose OPI Thanks a WindMillion, part of the 2012 Holland Collection.  It's a dusty minty green with perfect, perfect formula.  I almost forgot what a joy it is to apply OPI polishes, especially with their awesome wide brush.  It took 2 self-leveling coats to achieve opacity.  I love it!!!  Reminds me of all the greenery that seems to have appeared on trees overnight!  aaah... I love spring!!!

oh, and I gave it a shot at stamping again.  Nothing special as usual, but I used China Glaze High Def for this, and the plate # RA-102.  The stamp is of a bird, which reminds me of all kinds of birds that I saw on my last vacation in Costa Rica.  I collect coffee mugs from wherever I go on vacation, so at the bottom you see a shot with my newest addition!!

Hope you like it:

see that Frankenstein??  LOL

see all that bubbling (from my Seche Vite topcoat, not from the polish) and the blackish speck?  They're not visible to the naked eye...  stupid macro closeups =)

Do you have this polish yet?  What do you think of it?
Thanks so much for reading!!!


  1. Very nice polish!

    I will never have perfect cuticles either :(

    1. Woman, you are crazy!!! I looked at your blog (you got a new follower btw!!) and you are one of those 99% of bloggers I mentioned above! I could only wish for nails like yours!!

  2. That coffee cup is so cute!

    Don't worry I don't work with my hands and I'll never have perfect cuticles or nails either! You are too sweet to ever unfollow :)

    1. yeaaahh.. You're also in the 99% of the group... =)) Thank you for your kind words though!!
      I got that cup because it's wooden, so it's different. I used to drink coffee out of all the mugs I got but since I probably won't visit a lot of places I've been to again, I would hate for them to go bad... so they're on my shelf now reminding me of all my adventures!!

  3. I Really enjoyed this post! I love this shade on you and that stamp is subtle but quite effective!
    I enjoyed learning that you collect mugs from your trips! So cool!

    I appreciate your shout out :) I really fight with my cuticles: I'll tweet you a photo of what I have learned to use to help them... But cuticles are the Bain of my existence!
    I use a cuticle removing gell and a metal pusher/scraper. I use cuticle oils right before photos and Lush Lemmony Flutter on a DAILY basis...

    1. Thank you so much sweet Marta!!
      I do have a hard time believing you fight with your cuticles!! they're so perfect looking!!
      I also use a cuticle removing gel.. and even Nfu cuticle remover. And a metal pusher/scraper. And then oil. And Qtica cream. And Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. And Philosophy Hand cream. They DID help! So you can only imagine what my fingers looked like prior to all this care... Sadly, half of girls in my department sport "beauties" like these too.. =(


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