Sunday, October 7, 2012

The beauty of rock: Zoya Lana

Hi beauties!

Sunday!!  yay!!  another day to sleep in!  Or 'should' be sleeping in!  My hubby's out of town and he's usually responsible for waking me up in the morning.  If there is a thing I hate the most it's waking up early in the morning to go to work.  I hate it hate it hate it!!  I set my alarm at 5:10am but after multiple snoozes I end up getting up at 5:50 or 6am and end up rushing around not to be late for work.  But the feeling of being able to sleep another 10 min... aaahh.. so good!
Anyway, to get to the point, I get a phone call at 5:50 this morning and my hubby goes:  "It's 5:50!!  You're going to be late!!!"   He genuinely thought it was Monday!!  I thought I was going to kill him!!!! =))

Are you guys snoozers or get up right at the first blare of the alarm?

Today's NOTD is the last in my Desert theme installement and it's Zoya "Lana"!  Lana stands for "rock" (source) so I thought it was pretty appropriate to feature it in this theme!

Zoya describes this color as "a very different rich red metallic duochrome."  Hmmm.. I don't know if I completely agree with this description, and Zoya is usually right on with theirs.  I would say it is a rich bright red with strong hints of orange filled with golden/orange shimmer.  ONE flawless formula coat!  I love love this polish!!

 The whole desert theme and the word 'rock' reminded me of another picture I took in Paria Canyon (you saw the first one here).  I love this picture because not only it shows how beautiful the nature is, but also because you can see so many features in it!!  When I display it at my art shows (I have a huge canvas of 40 x 60 inches), people often tell me that they see a horse, a shell, or a fire.  One person even saw a heart!  I tell ya, it took me forever to go through this canyon!!  I was taking pictures like crazy, and gawking in enchantment at this spectacular wonder of nature!
Anyway, I tried to represent the wave that you see in the picture.  I used plate BM-210 and mixed Orly 'Luxe' and Finger Paints 'Picasso's Puce'.  I really need to get a good dark brown stamping polish!  My 'wave' didn't turn out so good because I don't have anything so dark to stamp with, short of black =(  Check it out anyway:

I know, I know, you can barely see it...  I am more of a subtle stamping girl though!
Lana was part of Zoya's Reverie Spring 2010 collection and can be purchased at the Zoya website.

And here is the picture I just told you about:

It's an upper wall of Paria Canyon in Utah, the longest slot canyon in the world (21 miles long).  It joins with Buckskin Gulch and this picture was taken not too far from the confluence of both canyons.  The picture is untouched, the blue that you see is from the deposits of the minerals coming down from the ground. It was taken 15 miles into the canyon after climbing over 2 huge boulder jams (if you ever go, bring rope!!) Everytime I look at this picture I'm in awe that the nature can be so stunning!  And that I was so lucky to see it for myself!!
Fine print:  the picture is for sale in all kinds of sizes in case you feel like you must have it =))  yes, i still need $$ for Everest!

Is there anything you've ever seen in nature that you just couldn't believe is real?  Please share!!  My bucket list is so looong already but I would love to add to it!!! =)

Thanks so much for reading!!!  I hope you liked today's post!!  Have a wonderful Sunday =))


  1. OMG the shimmer in this is amazing!!! Love it with the sublte gold stamping as well =)

    1. Thanks so much Jacqui!!! I fell in love with this shimmer, it truly is pretty awesome!!

  2. Beautiful... Both the polish and the inspiration. I LOVE subtle stamping too.

  3. I am a snoozer for sure! I set my alarm for 4:00 and snooze till 4:45! This is such a pretty color. :-)

    1. Thanks Melissa!!!
      I know, snoozing is the best feeling LOL

  4. WOAHHHHH!!!!!!! This picture is amazing! I so need to get to this canyon one day!!!

    Would it surprise you if I told you i'm a snoozer? Of the worst kind too.... I so much know what you're talking about those extra 10 mins..... ;-)

    And I really love your mani - first the color is awesome! I have Zoya Annie and two slight different versions of zoya myrta and I am wondering how close they are to Lana... maybe I will get it just to check LOL
    And your stamping is beautiful! True - hardly seen. But I think it's beautiful as it is: it just gives that round wave to your polish, without being so obvious it was a stamping. Really beautiful!!!

    1. Thanks Jin!!! You're so awesome :)))
      And no, totally doesn't surprise me you're a snoozer LOL, especially after being up so late!! ;)
      TWO versions of Myrta??? I only have one, didn't know there were two, but I'll do a comparison for you tomorrow!!

  5. This is so pretty! I get up at 5am every day no matter what. If I don't, my cats start getting in trouble making all sorts of noise til I Do get up anyway!

    1. My dogs used to wake me up every morning too and that was nice (except for weekends), but now they take my husbands example and sleep in... Bums :))


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