Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Comparison: China Glaze "Igniting Love" vs other reds.. DUPE ALERT!

Hi lovelies!!

You've all probably suspected that China Glaze "Igniting Love" (shown here) probably has a dupe out there..  find out below which one of the 4 it is!!

I really hope you can tell the difference between the two colors on my nails because a lot of them look very very similar!!
First comes OPI "Monsooner Or Later".  You probably cannot see very well in the pictures, but it is just a tiny tad more orange than "Igniting Love".  Two coats.  To me they're almost similar so OPI is going into my sell/swap basket!

Next up is Sephora by OPI "Say It Ain't So-ho".  Again, very similar to "Igniting Love", but it is a tad more orange and doesn't have as much pink.  Two coats.
I came out in a limited Manhattan mini-set a year ago so I'm not sure if you have heard of it. In any case, here's how it compares to China Glaze.

Next one up is OPI "Red Lights Ahead... Where?"  I would call this a 99% dupe.  I could only tell a difference when I stared at it under different lights, and it appeared just a tiny bit lighter/more coral than China Glaze.  If you have it then you probably don't need "Igniting Love".  Two coats.

Finally I reached for my newest addition, Rescue Beauty Lounge "Poppy".  They both have the same colored base with RBL being just barely noticeably more orange, and of course it has the slight red shimmer as opposed to straight China Glaze creme.  Two coats.

Yep, I know, all my pictures look the same.  That just goes to show you that 1) this China Glaze is very dupeable, and 2) I have waaay too much crack on my shelves!!!

Hope this was helpful to you all!!!  Have a wonderful evening!!


  1. Great comparison post. I love posts like this.

    1. Thanks so much Essie, I'm so glad you liked it!

  2. Ok I admit the OPIs didn't impress me much cause I am not into that brand anyway. But you just saved me $20 and I will be forever grateful!!!

    1. If I had known that RBL is so close I wouldn't have gotten it either.. oh well.. I'll enjoy it anyways =)


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