Sunday, November 4, 2012

I ♥ Fall tag

Not too long ago Jin of Superficially Colorful posted the "I ♥ Fall tag".  I've been meaning to do this right away, and you know how it is...  you get busy, you get distracted, and before you know it, couple of weeks go by and you still haven't posted what you were supposed to!

So enough procrastination.  Here is my I ♥ Fall tag!!

Favorite Fall lip product?
I am a huge Bare Escentuals ho...  in fact, before I got into nail polish I was really into that brand.  It's funny actually how I got into it.  I was getting a gift certificate one Christmas for a friend who loves the brand.  I always thought:  "who the hell in their right mind would spend so much $$ on makeup??", and when I went to buy the GC, I asked the salesperson:  "so what's the big whoop-di-do about this anyway?"  She sat me down...  she put some Bare Escentuals on me... and the rest is history!!  I own more makeup now than my said friend does!! (and that's in multiples!!)  For those of you not familiar with BE, in a gist, it's a pure mineral makeup that doesn't clog up pores and makes your skin look better overtime (and I've got acne, so that was especially important to me).  I've never used anything since!
Bare Escentuals makes different types of products, from foundation through eyes shadows and lip glosses, some of which are the ones you see in the picture, the Buxom products.  They're supposed to plump up your lips and make them look bigger.  I don't know about that, I don't see any difference, but the lip glosses are 'light', not sticky, and they have gorgeous colors!!

Favorite Fall Nail Polish?
Wow, how do I choose one???  There are so many that I love...  I tried to narrow it down to three that I have really fallen for.  What you see from left to right are:  Enchanted Polish "Vampire's Dessert", China Glaze "Want My Bawdy", and OPI "Every Month Is Oktoberfest".  They are absolutely stunning!!

Favorite Starbucks Fall Drink?
I don't go to Starbucks because: 1) I would go bankrupt with the amount of coffee I drink, and 2) my ass would be so huge that you'd be able to see it from your house, no matter where you live!  Instead, I drink coffee that I get every year from Dominican Republic where I go on my medical missions.  I get like 15 bags, so when I go through customs they all look at me like I'm crazy!!

Favorite Fall Candle?
I can't believe that it's this post that made me dig out my fall candle!  I love candles, especially the scented ones, and I sure don't light them enough!!  This one I got from Candle In the Wind, it has real leaves preserved in a jelly-like substance.  It smells really nice too.  These are my favorite types of candles, they last forever and are very season appropriate!

Favorite Fall Scarf or accessory
I don't wear scarves and I don't even have any!  As for accessories, I just received my new favorite necklace.  A while ago I've come across this website and I fell in love with the whole concept!  I told my hubby about it that if he wanted to get me something I really want for Xmas, he could get one of those.  And he surprised me with it on our anniversary!  I love, love, love this necklace!!  It's a molecule of dopamine, one of the neurotransmitters released during moments of great happiness or pleasure (like receiving nail mail haha).  I'm a dork and I liked biochemistry in school and I think that this necklace is the coolest!!!

Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?
I don't like anything haunted or scary.  Never been to a haunted house and if I did, they would have a lot of cleaning up to do because I would sure shit my pants and it wouldn't be in small quantity!!

Favorite Halloween movie?
See the answer above.  The last scary movie I saw was "The Ring", and I kid you not, I didn't turn the TV on for a month!!  I will never watch a scary movie again!!!

Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?
Favorite?  hmm.. how about all of them??  I'm not picky.  If it has anything sweet in it, it's my favorite! =))

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
So I was first supposed to be a mermaid, and then changed my mind and thought that I could always be a mermaid, but not a character from a popular movie!  So I decided to be Effie Trinket from "The Hunger Games" and my hubby would be the Gamemaker.  We got our costumes and everything, and at the last minute we bailed...  we were just so tired that we didn't feel like going to a Halloween party!  Looosers!!! =))

What is your Favorite thing about Fall?
I love the cooler weather and warmer clothes.  But most of all, I love all the colors of the turning leaves!!!

Thank you all for reading!!  Please feel free to 'tag' along!!!  You can find the InLinkz script here to add to your fall tag!!!


  1. ooooooooh I enjoyed this post so much!!
    You're such a looooooooooooser not going to the Halloween party! and I can't stop thinking about seeing your butt all the way from here. Maybe you should start going to starbucks?
    And YES!! the neckless looks amazing even without knowing it depicts the Dopamine molecule! Since only a bio-geek like you can tell that, I will have to trust you on this one but it still looks amazing!

    1. Hmm... Did you just call me a geek!?? You better watch out, I'll start drinking these full fat caramel lattes from Starbucks so my ass breaks your windows all the way from over here!!! :))))

  2. Love the necklace! What a sweet & personal gift!

  3. I judt loove reading this tag on blogs. Love wearing necklaces :)

    1. Oohh you should do your own tag post then!!!!

  4. This is a fun tag. I got tagged too and hopefully I will post mine next week. That coffee sounds delicious. I'm a coffee lover myself and I honestly don't like Starbucks at all. Wonder how I will explain that in my post without sounding weird. The idea behind that necklace is so cool. People would say I'm a total dork if I would wear it.

    1. I don't care much for Starbucks coffee either, I don't think it tastes any better than the Dominican brand I drink. And it's so expensive that I'd rather be spending my $$ on nail polish!!! :))

  5. where did you bought that necklace? :DD

    1. My husband bought it for me here:
      They have all kinds of different molecule jewelry!!


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