Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Blues: Tomorrow Never Dies + Skyscraper

Hey chickies!!

It's Monday again???  WTH????  Where did the weekend go???  Well, at least it's only 3 days of work before sleeping in again!! (in the USA at least)

Today I have one of the newest OPI's to show you, OPI "Tomorrow Never Dies".  I'm getting braver at work and starting to incorporate some glitter here and there...  We'll see how many weird and patronizing looks I get today together with "which grade are you in again???" questions!!  The beautiful glitter I used today is China Glaze "Skyscraper".  I gotta say, these two make quite a pair!!!  Click on 'read more' to check out more pictures!!

Tomorrow Never Dies is a blurple.  I'm not too big on this word, but that's exactly what this polish is!!  Dark blue with very strong purple undertones.  Blurple!  Plus it has just a tiniest magenta micro-teeny-shimmer to it.  Two coats of perfect formula!!

I painted my accent nail with Skyscraper and I sponged some on the tips of the remaining nails.  It' a mixture of silver and dark blue glitter in dark blue/clear base.  I layered the glitter over OPI on my accent nail so I'm not really sure how opaque it is by itself.  I used two coats of "Skyscraper" over one coat of OPI.  Two layers of SV topcoat made the nails perfectly smooth.

Tomorrow Never Dies is part of OPI Skyfall collection just released for winter of 2012.
Skyscraper is part of China Glaze Metro collection released in fall of 2011.

Do you guys like sponging with glitter?  Does your work allow you to wear glitter or do they look at you like you're a teenager?

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  1. Hi Gosia, I Love Tomorrow never dies! is in my top ten of blue shades ever. And the glitter gives it a more festive tone! I do not have a job at the moment, but I don't think I would wear glitter to the office.

  2. Gosia I love this. Anyone saying you look like a teenager is jealous of your youthful appearance, good looks and amazingly eye catching style.

    They are trying to make you stop looking so damn good and intimidate you into being more "normal". When crabs are kept in a bucket, and one tries to improve it's lot by climbing out, the others will pull it back in. The tendency is to keep status quo! LOL

    I feel it isn't right to ever say anything negative about someones appearance to them, period. Even if it is supposed to be a lame "joke", like saying you look like a teenager. Soorry for this rant, you touched on my PET PEEVE!

    Thanks for being a friend and sharing a bit of you with us, you ROCK so HARD. Keep Rockin!

  3. This combo looks awesome Gosia :) Seems the "bre barver with polish at work" is spreading! We're going to do it together! Boss-staring competition, haha!

  4. Gorgeous combo!
    And I vote for Mati's competition idea!! :-D

  5. Tomorrow Never Dies is a great blurple (awesome word btw hehe!), and the combination with the glitter looks fab! :-)

    ~ Yun

  6. great effect with the glitter!

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  7. Thanks so much Yun!!! :))

  8. I generally love glitter accents, it's just the people I work with are not always so open minded... Blah... What do they know anyway, right!!

  9. Aww you're awesome :))). They just make fun of me, I give them shit so they give me shit back :). They don't mean any harm; if they would stop making fun of me I would then think that they don't like me!!! But I hear ya, I don't have tolerance for people who really do make fun of others in a mean way!!

  10. You let me know how that is going for you!!! After my latest mishap with my glittered nail falling off I'm not sure I'll be wearing glitter anytime soon to work again!!!

  11. Haha, that is a good idea, I really do wonder whose boss would be more offended!!!:)))

  12. Always remember that, No matter how Useless U feel, U r someone's reason to SMILE...

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