Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesdays with Zoya... and OPI

Hi girls!!

First off, my blog sale/swap list works now.  I'm not quite sure what happened but it is up to view right now!!  Here's the link!

I've got a pretty embarrassing story to tell you!!  So you know how I've really started loving glitter, especially since I've discovered Elmer's glue for the basecoat?  I just can't get enough!!  Bam bam, paint your nails, and they just come off without hassle, dipping your fingers in acetone forever and some, or using silly foil.  And remember how I said that I was curious what people at work were going to say about my glitter?  Well here's what happened to me yesterday at work:

I was wearing my awesome glitterish mani that I showed you here.  Everything was fine and I was about to go pick up a patient from the ICU for our second surgery.  That's when I got a phone call from the doctor I was working with, and he goes: "You have an emergency!!", to which I replied "Yes, I know, I'm on my way to get her!".  But he keeps going:  "You have an emergency!! Your nail broke off, but no worries, I saved it for you!!  I've got it taped to the machine!!"  OMG, I was mortified... how embarrassing!!!  I went back to the OR and my tech shows me the stupid nail and says "He (the doctor) told me not to throw it away!!"... I thought I was going to die!!  As you have probably figured out, my polish came off my nail completely!!  Stupid stupid Elmer's glue!!!  I peeled off the rest of my nails so this wouldn't happen again... gaaahh!!!  has this ever happened to you?????  How do you prevent this???  I love glitter but I will never ever wear it to work again!!!

Anyway...  today's NOTD does not contain glitter!!  haha =))  I've got an older polish to show you, OPI "Cozu-Melted In the Sun" combined with Zoya "Dovima Matte"!

Cozu-Melted In the Sun was a total surprise for me!!  When I first looked at the bottle I thought 'WTH, why did I ever buy this???'  It looked sheer and pink in a ugly sense... and then I put it on my nails and everything changed!!  It's 2 coats of unbelievably pretty polish!!  It's rose gold with all kinds of shimmer!!  It's almost like a foil but it has more shimmer and sparkle than your usual foil.  It's really awesome!!!  Definitely a keeper in my book!!

Next I applied some striping tape diagonally and painted the tips with Dovima Matte.  I used one coat of this smoky grey/black that dried very fast!!  I'm not sure if I like the combo though... I screwed up the tape, and the contrast between the two may be too strong?  I'll let you decide!

Cozu-Melted In the Sun is part of OPI Mexico collection released way back in 2006 so it's not 3-free.  Ok in my book though, it's not like I use it all the time!
Dovima Matte was part of Zoya Matte Velvet released in fall of 2010.

And since we're talking about Cozumel... (get it?  Cozu-Mel -- ted)  Here's my picture from my vacation in Cozumel!!!  I've got really good memories from there =)

What do you guys think about this mani?  Do you like it or does it look 'off' to you?  Honestly!!
Thanks so much for reading!!!


  1. Oh no that does sound embarrassing but a similar thing has happened to me! I work in a bar and one day when it was really busy one of my nails popped off and I was looking around for it and it was sitting in the middle of the glasses, It was one of those situations where you can't pick it up because everyone will see and be like 'what are you doing?' LOL! Beautiful mani!

    Jazz x

  2. To be honest... I can't stop laughing!
    And I actually think the Dr. was real nice for thinking about it!
    Yeah I heard this happens A LOT. Well, the glue just don't have the right adherence with the nail and once it gets completely dry it just falls off. There is a way to prevent it but it will ruin your nail and you don't want it!

    Anyway, your current mani is awesome. I love the diagonal lines and I like your combo here. not sure I would give this polish a try color-wise (and also cause it's OPI) but it looks great on you!

  3. I've never had this happen with a glue base coat. Other base coats, yes, especially an all glitter mani. Maybe try a thinner coat of glue next time? I have also heard of not letting the glue fully dry before the next coat. I'm guessing you probably wash your hands a lot where you work, and that's probably not helping. Funny story, thanks for sharing!

  4. Lol, that's a pretty funny story (though I'm sorry for laughing :P)!
    I'm not sure how to prevent it in the future. Using the glue is meant to have the polish come off easily, which is what it did unfortunately. :(
    The pink is so pretty on you! :D

    ~ Yun

  5. Everytime I see this doctor now I'm so embarrassed!! I guess I will have to resort back to good ol foil method when I wear glitter to work :(

  6. Oohh I haven't heard of not letting the glue dry before the next coat, I will try that!! Maybe not for a work mani though... Haha :)))

  7. I tell you woman, you will be hypnotized so you don't use nothing but OPI!!! :)))
    I still laugh about this... So embarrassing though!

  8. Oh my.... Yep, I would be horrified if that happened to me!!! Can you imagine your nail falling off into one of your customers glasses!???? LOL :)))

  9. I read this at work last week and totally LOLed at my desk. That is something that would happen to me, I seem to attract awkward situations :)

    1. Man, this doctor keeps making fun of me too!!! No more Elmer's glue for me!!!!! :))

  10. Omg!! Lol how did I miss this post.. I would have died haha


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