Monday, January 21, 2013

New 31DC: Day 20 - Texture

Hi girlies!!

I'm day late with my Day 20 but it's not totally my fault!!  I blame Jin of Superficially Colorful and all of you dear ladies who have been talking up the TV show "The Vampire Diaries"!!  As you know, I'm training for my upcoming climb and I need to spend loooooong time on the elevated treadmill with a heavy backpack.  I freaking hate it!!!  The only thing that keeps me on that stupid thing is a good show.  I actually found one, "Emily Owens, MD" and I just found out recently that it's getting cancelled!!  WTF!!!!
So yesterday after a whole day of shopping I sat down to do my nails for the challenge.  I was browsing through to find a new TV show and decided to watch "The Vampire Diaries".  And before you know it, it was 10:30pm!!!  And I've been really sticking to going to bed early at 9pm.  So naturally I didn't have time to post!  So yeah, Jin, all your fault!!! LOL (thanks girlie for keeping me on that treadmill, I can't stop watching this show!!!!)

Anyways!  Day 20 of the Challenge calls for texture.  I've shown you liquid sand polishes already so I wasn't going to repeat myself.  And you all know my love for rhinestones, so guess what I used to create texture today?? =)))
I used two polishes created by Lulu of Elevation Polish:  "Mont Valier" and "Ridnitsohkka".

That medium hued green beauty is Mont Valier (mountain in the Pyrenees).  Imagine my excitement when I put it on and found out it was a jelly!!!!  A beautiful, squishy, yummy looking jelly!!  Three coats of somewhat thick, but totally manageable formula reached full opacity.  Two coats probably would have been plenty but I wanted a little deeper color.

My accent nail has 2 coats of Ridnitsohkka (say that 3 times fast!!!  LOL  It's a highest mountain in Finland).  It's a light-ish grey with subtle green microshimmer in the bottle which unfortunately does not really translate to the nail.  You can see it on the nail but only under good light and really really inspecting it.  Regardless, I still think it's a beautiful polish!!  Formula was flawless.

Next I applied some rhinestones.  I purchased the tear drop shape ones on eBay, but the green ones on my accent nail came from Born Pretty Store.

What do you think of this?  Lulu restocks her polishes twice a month (on 7th and 22nd) which coincidentally will fall on tomorrow's date!!  So get your polishes while you can!!! =))

Check out what the other participants came up with!


  1. Lovely color choices you have there Gosia. I totally get why you hate the treadmill workout. That is brutal, no doubt. Go girl!

  2. I bow my head in shame... NOT!! :-P
    You should have watched the Vampire Diaries right from the start! It's all your fault that you didn't!!!
    And your texture is actually awesome! I love the idea and even though I am not crazy over the green, I do love the combo all together!

  3. Both these polishes are lovely colors. I love that grey so much! I'm still waiting for my rhinestones from Ebay to come. Not sure if I got this shape too because I got so many.
    I don't watch the show but my sister is a great fan. I guess one day I will get around to watching it. I have so many shows to catch up with first.


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