Sunday, February 10, 2013

Instant Chemistry with Raisin Gein!

Hello again!

Another post today!!  Since I was such a slacker and didn't post anything yesterday =)

I've got the final Cereal Killer polish to show you today!!  Please make room for Chirality "Raisin Gein"!

As with the other 3 Chirality polishes I decided to layer this one over a white base.  On my pinky I layered one coat of China Glaze "Instant Chemistry", a dark purple shimmer.  Even though it covered completely in coat, I applied another and immediately applied a magnet over it.

Raisin Gein, just like its brothers, is a collection of different sized glitters suspended in a sheer milky white base.  You can see purple microglitter, along with bigger purple hexagonal glitter, and some darker, even bigger, hexagonal particles.  I applied one coat here.  It seems that the really big hexagonal glitters are a little bit more sparse than the other ones, so I purposely fished out to get a few.  There was no problem getting other particles out.

Instant Chemistry was part of Magnetix collection released by China Glaze in spring 2010.

Raisin Gein is part of Chirality Cereal Killers collection, and is available for purchase at her Big Cartel site for $7/bottle.  Make sure you also follow her through Facebook for special promotions, and to keep us with the Chirality news!!  Currently she is running a 14% off sale on all her polishes!

What do you guys think of the Chirality Cereal Killers collection?

Thanks so much for visiting and reading!!

**product(s) in this post were provided for my unbiased review**


  1. Wow this one is so cute! I think it's my favorite from the collection. So classy!

  2. Most perfect base and glitter combo EVER! I love this so much!

  3. Really pretty. I love these milky based glitters xx

  4. This ma seem random to you but I love how you added in the magnetic nail. I have been wanting to use mine(yeah I have quite a few bottles and haven't touched them). I think all my nails all magnetic-tized it too much. What do you thnk??

    1. ooohh you should definitely not only touch but open those bottles!!! I personally LOVE magnetic polishes and have like 10 bottles in my stash!! And I like accent magnetic nails, as well as all my nails with different magnetic designs!

  5. Wow! Those purple glitters are to die for! And really beautiful against the white background. Instant Chemistry is the only magnetic that doesn't seem to work for me. It's very dark and maybe too thick, I don't know. I would add some thinner but I'm afraid of ruining it. You've really inspired me to try to use it again.


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