Sunday, June 16, 2013

Impulsive about... pot?

Hi beauties!

No, no, I'm not a pothead!!!  One of the Facebook groups I belong to called for a 70's manicure, and what are the 60's and 70's known for?  Drugs.. among other things that is.  But there were so many hippies during those years, besides, I had a plate with a pot leaf on it so I had to use it someday, right? =))

More interesting thing though is the actual polish that I used for this manicure.  You may know Jin by now, my cyber BFF.  Well.. my wonderful friend decided to put her talent into making her own nail polish!  And what a product she came up with...  Check out the pictures!!!  They speak for themselves!!!  May I present to you the most wonderful and new indie polish, Superficially Colorful Lacquer "Impulsive"!!!

Impulsive is something that I've never tried before:  a color-changing polish!  When 'cold' it is the color of a juicy, summer grass.  It has the most gorgeous golden shimmer throughout that comes out to play in any light, but especially in the sun!  Two coats covered the nail completely.

in sunlight
My accent nail has two coats of snow white OPI "Alpine Snow" and a pot leaf from plate RA-116 using a-England "Dragon".

I really really wish my nails were longer...  My current nubs really don't do this polish justice!  When inserted under hot water, or, I would imagine, on warm fingers, this polish turns to lime green.  Just imagine having a perfect gradient on your long nails where the base color would be light green and your tips darker green!

pic taken immediately after dipping in hot water
pic taken a few seconds after dipping in hot water
Impulsive is part of Superficially Colorful Lacquer Mood Swings collection that Jin created earlier this year.  It is unfortunately not available for sale since Jin is just starting to dab into making her own polish, but I keep persuading her to make it available for sale to everybody out there!  Maybe you can drop her a note to help me persuade her? =)  Her blog is Superficially Colorful and you can follow her on Facebook here.

What do you think of this polish?  Have you ever tried a color-changing lacquer?
Thanks so much for visiting!!


  1. Color changing polishes are so cool! I want to try them :)

  2. What a great color! I think I need to pay Jin a visit..

  3. Very pretty!! I love how the polish looks!!

  4. ^^ I am so glad to see Jin's beauties over the net! Impulsive is gorgeous, a really wonderful polish :D

  5. This post was so funny! Especially because I was just reading about drugs for my Psychiatry exam. Love the leaf. And Jin's polish is amazing. She should really sell these!

  6. So cool :) and love that green polish?

  7. WHAT?!? I didn't even comment on this one??? Damn.......!
    I so LOOOOVE this mani of yours!!! And I think i'm going to copy that one soon!
    This Marijuana is so cool!!! LOL


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