Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Blues: China Glaze gradients

Hi loves!

Monday evening...  one day down, 4 more to go!!  I'm having a case of laziness and I'm not working out today... instead, I'm taking care of my hubby whom I got sick!!  My stuffiness is still hanging around but I feel much much better than I did last week, but it's day #1 for him...  he's been a bum all day, catching up on his shows in his man cave.  Well, the upside to this is that he feels too miserable to cook (and I won't touch it cuz I'll burn the house down haha), so we're ordering sushi!!  Yay!!! =))

Today's challenge called for a triple gradient with a pattern.  Took a little time to accomplish this, but I really like the result!!  I used 3 different China Glaze polishes for this: "Keep Calm, Paint On," "Secret Peri-Wink-le," and "Fancy Pants." Check out my pictures below the jump to see the process of creating this mani step by step!

First I painted my nails with Keep Calm, Paint On.  It's a mint green with silvery shimmer (for my full review click here).  It took two coats to reach opacity.

Next I sponged on a coat of Secret Peri-Wink-le, a blue periwinkle creme (full review here).  It created just a slightest of a gradient, which is ok with me.  Pardon my uncleaned nails, but I didn't want to unnecessarily use acetone on my cuticles since I would have to do it all over anyway once I was finished with the mani.

I completed my gradient with Fancy Pants, a blurple with magenta shimmer, sponged on my tips (full review here).

I completed the look by stamping with a dotted design from plate SH-03, and by adding purple rhinestones.

Like I said above, it took forever to do this since I had to wait for each layer to dry first before applying the next one.  I really really love the outcome though!!  What about you?

Thanks so much for reading!!! =)


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! I love the colors you chose for your gradient! So pretty!

  2. Awesome! Love that colors and those dots:)

  3. This is so pretty and delicate, and I totally love your gradient! :D
    Hope you and your hubby both feel better soon. <3

    ~ Yun

  4. I love this so much!! I own all the polishes, so I can actually recreate it. I haven't used the technique where I sponge on different layers of color on the nail in a while. Instead I just paint the stripes of color directly on the sponge. This gives such a pretty effect! And I love the stamping too. Hope your husband is feeling better!

  5. wow! This looks amazing! I like the gradient a lot, especially the last colour added ♥


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