Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My 2013 favorites: REDS

Hi girlies!

I showed you my favorite blues yesterday and now it's time to show you my favorite reds!  And since red is my favorite color of nail polish, then this category shows my favorites out of favorites!!  I love every single polish on this list and I have worn it multiple times, which, as you may know, is pretty big for a nail polish junkie with over 1000 bottles of liquid crack!

Find out which ones made the list below the jump!

I really couldn't narrow them down to top 3 so I went for top 5.  Still good, considering that I have A LOT of reds in my stash!
In no particular order, but starting with the big brands first:

China Glaze "Just Be-Claws"
China Glaze "Just Be-Claws", a gorgeous glowy red that just came out for the holidays.  I can't stop staring at my nails when I put it on!

China Glaze "Santa Red My List"
It's no secret that I love glowy polishes, so naturally, another one from this category made my list!  Beautiful and somewhat pink, but still red, China Glaze "Santa Red My List" is another one to die for!

OPI "Magazine Cover Mouse"
2013 introduced me to some wonderful textured that I instantly fell in love with.  OPI "Magazine Cover Mouse" is one of them, with its cherry red sparkly goodness!

Ave Secretan "Secretan"
One of my favorite indie brands is Elevation Polish, and naturally Lulu has come up with a perfect red!  Smooth classic red with perfection for formula: Ave Secretan.

Chirality "Bloodshot"
Another indie brand made this list, and this one is also a holo as well!  Chirality "Bloodshot" is a darker red that is a must in everybody's collection!

Which one of these do you like?  What are your favorite reds of this year??  Do share!!


  1. Great red favorites! They all look so pretty :)

  2. Love China Glaze of course but I have holo on the brain, so that Chiralty is HOT!!

  3. Bloodshot is amazing! I will have problems trying to choose my favorite red this year.


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