Thursday, December 19, 2013

My favorites of 2013: PINKS

Hi girls!!

How are you tonight?  Is it Friday yet??? =))

I'm continuing on with my favorite polishes of 2013 and today's category is pinks!  Check out below which ones made my list!

Again, piCture pOlish made my list twice this year.  They have released some awesome polishes!!!

piCture pOlish "Flirt"
"Flirt" is very simple, just a barbie pink creme.  Perfect formula.  Even though it's not glittery or shimmery, I absolutely love it!!

piCture pOlish "Electric Dreams"
Another one, "Electric Dreams", is a different kind of pink.  It has some coral mixed it in and has some yummy shimmer.  It's a must have for all the pink lovers!

Elevation Polish "Mount Augustus"
Elevation Polish "Mount Augustus" made the list too.  Again, it's a mix of pink and coral, and it's just delicious!!! =)))

The Nail Junkie "Strawberry"
Finally, The Nail Junkie's "Strawberry" made it to my heart.  Not only it is fabulous, but it has a wonderful formula.  And it is the only polish so far that wore like iron on my nails!!!  LOVE!!!

What are your favorite pinks this year?  Do you like any of my choices?
Thank you for stopping by!!!


  1. Lovely pinks for the year! There all so pretty :)

  2. Flirt is my favorite of these because it's more vibrant than the others. And here in Sweden Friday has begun and soon it will be Saturday and some time off to make the house nice for Christmas.

  3. I'm not huge on pink to be fair but Nail junkie Strawberry is fricking gorgeous!


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