Saturday, December 21, 2013

My favorites of 2013: PURPLES

Hi girls!!

How is your weekend going?  I've been wrapping Christmas presents for the last couple hours.  Can't say it's my favorite thing to do although I do enjoy giving presents to people.  I'm still waiting for 1 gift to come from Kohl's.  I ordered it last Sunday and their website says that they shipped it on Thursday, although there is no tracking number yet...  Why would they wait so long???  I will be so mad if I don't get that present on time for Christmas!! 

For now though I will show you my favorite purples of this year!!

I gotta say, I've gone totally cuckoo over purples this year!!  I've always liked how purples looked in the bottle but I just didn't like them on my nails.  Well that changed, especially in the last couple months, and I've been buying purple polishes like crazy!!  I suspect 2014 will be very rich in purple favorites =))
Today I have 4 picks that were released earlier this year!

China Glaze "Put a Bow On It"
China Glaze "Put a Bow On It", a glorious purple glitter made my list.  It's so sparkly and fabulous, no wonder I loved it so much!

Elevation Polish "Echinops"
This Elevation Polish gentle holo is perfect, especially for the spring!!

Elevation Polish "El Cap"
Another Elevation... gorgeous purple AND purpleish shimmer!!!

And finally, it may be my most favorite purple of this year!:

Colors by Llarowe "Smooth Criminal"
This Colors by Llarowe is not only purple but also a holo!!!  LOVE!!!

What are your favorite purples of the year??  Did any of my favorites make your list??


  1. One of my favorite things is how people view colors differently, especially once on the nails....I got and wore Echinops last week and it pulled more blue than purple on me! :)

  2. I have to say Zoya Mason is my favorite red violet. I also love Nicole by OPI's Love Song. I have seen Put A Bow On It and it's been on my wish list.

  3. I could never pick my favorite purple. I love them all!

  4. You are a lady after my own heart!! I have aloof these except ChG and I have to agree those Elevation and CbL polishes are so great!
    Happy holidays!!

  5. ehm... are these really purples? I think not :-P
    They are gorgeous though <3

  6. Definitely Elevation Polish "Echinops", but I like all purples! :-)


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