Saturday, February 8, 2014

GOT Polish: Green

Hi everyone!

I had pictures all ready to go for the post and something happened at work and I got in such a bad mood that I didn't want to do anything.  For the second time ever in my career somebody made me bawl at work.  I don't ever cry, I have pretty tough skin, so this was surprising even to me.  I came home, I didn't even have energy to work out.  I had a chocolate martini and went to bed at 8:30pm.  So here's a little late post on the GOT Polish challenge that called for green this week.  And for this purpose I used OPI "Who the Shrek Are You?".  Now that I think about what happened at work, it's like this polish is perfect, it's exactly what I want to say to this person: "who the f**k are you to talk to me like this???"

In any case...  check out what I came up with:

Who the Shrek Are You? is one of those 'fugly' polishes that have been on my shelf for the longest time.  It took 3 coats of somewhat streaky formula to cover up the nail.  The base color is yellowish green creme.

natural light


I stamped over my nails with a geometric design from Cheeky plate Happy Nails.

Who the Shrek Are You? is part of OPI "Forever After" collection released in spring of 2010.

My rating:
Color: 2/5 (I'm not big on fugly colors)
Formula: 4/5 (three coats, somewhat streaky)
Price: n/a
Overall: 3/5

What do you all think of this one?  Do you like the 'fugly' colors?
Thanks so much for reading!!


  1. What a unique green! Its definitely one of those ugly colors that look great, lol! Love the stamping too :)

    1. Thanks Lisa!! I definitely think that the stamping makes it look all better!

  2. I hope that you will not see that person for a long time... :-)
    This is the "shrekiest" green shade that I've ever seen :-) Stamping: perfect, nice stamping design! :-)

    1. You know I talked to this person and it turned out that I just misinterpreted it! All that anguish for nothing...
      Glad you like the mani!!!


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