Friday, May 9, 2014


Hi girlies!

TGIF!!  So I went to the dentist yesterday to fix my broken tooth and it turns out that it wasn't the tooth that chipped!  Bonding from my permanent retainer came off and the wire was just hanging loose.  My dentist just filed it down and that was it!  The whole thing took no more than 5 seconds and it took me more than half hour to get there!  I'm really glad though!!!

Today's Neverending Pile challenge called for a glow-in-the-dark untried polish but I only have one in my stash, and I already tried it!  So I decided to skip it and instead show you another one of my pretty glitters!!  Here's Superficially Colorful Lacquer "Pickelfarts!!!"

First off, the name!!!  How awesome and funny is the name Pickelfarts!!! ??? =)  It is gorgeous by itself as well, "a deep berry pink holographic micro glitter in a berry jelly base".  Two easy coats to reach opacity, just like the rest of this collection.  Insanely sparkly!!

natural light

I covered my accent nail with a white base and stamped with a geometric design from Winstonia plate 113.


Pickelfarts!!! is part of Superficially Colorful Lacquer My Favorite Things collection released for spring of 2014.  They are available for sale at Jin's (creator) website here.

My rating:
Color: 5/5
Formula: 5/5
Price: $9
Overall: 5/5

So so gorgeous!!!  Have a wonderful Friday, ladies!!! =0)


  1. Nice color and I love the black and white accent nail too :)

  2. Glad it went well at the dentist!

    That certainly is an odd name to say the least - but it is a very loove deep colour :-) Sparkly!

  3. I'm happy that you solved the tooth-problem! :-)
    That nail polish is wonderful, so rich of glitters! :-)


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